2013 Recruiting Results for Former Michigan Players, Coaches

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The 2013 recruiting classes are in for former Michigan football players, coaches, and former Brady Hoke assistant coaches who are now coaching various college programs.

Rankings are based on 247sports.com, ESPN.com, Rivals.com, and Scout.com.

Former Michigan Football Players and Coaches

Mike Elston (linebacker 1993-96): Now Notre Dame University Defensive Line Coach. The Fighting Irish, coming off the BCS Title Game appearance, have put together a class that is ranked 4th or better by all the major services. Here’s the 2013 recruiting class for ND.

Les Miles (offensive lineman 1972-75 and Offensive Line Coach 1987-94): A senior on Team 96, Miles is now Head Coach of LSU. The Tigers had another great recruiting class, listed in the Top 7 by every major site. Here are LSU’s commits.

Scot Loeffler (quarterback 1993-96 and QB Coach 2002-07): Now Virginia Tech University Offensive Coordinator. Three of the four major sites had the Hokies anywhere from 19th-22nd in the country; the outlier was Scout, who had Virginia Tech at 35th. Generally, they are thought to have one of the top three or four classes in the ACC. Here is the Hokies recruiting class.

Steve Stripling (Defensive Line Coach 2005-07): Now University of Tennessee Defensive Line Coach. The Volunteers have a class ranked anywhere from 20th to 32nd. Unfortunately for them, that puts them in the bottom half of the SEC recruiting rankings. Here is Tennessee’s 2013 recruiting class.

Tony Gibson (Secondary Coach 2008-10): Now West Virginia University Safeties Coach. The Mountaineers have anywhere from the 24th to 35th best class according to the rankings, and are considered to be in the top half of the Big 12. Here is West Virginia’s 2013 class.

Tony Dews (WR Coach 2008-10): Now Wide Receivers Coach;
Calvin McGee (Offensive Coordinator 2008-10): Now Offensive Coordinator;
Rod Smith (QB Coach 2008-10): Now Quarterbacks Coach
All with the Arizona Wildcats and Rich Rodriguez. Here is Arizona’s 2013 class. The Wildcats are thought to have anywhere from the 27th to 45th best class in the nation, and are generally thought to be in the middle part of the Pac 12.

Doug Mallory (defensive back 1983-87 and Captain in ‘87): Now Defensive Coordinator; and
Greg Frey (OL Coach 2008-10): Now Offensive Line Coach
Indiana Hoosiers. Indiana put together what is thought to be anywhere from the 41st to 51st best class in the land. They are generally considered to be at the middle or slightly below the middle of the Big Ten. Here is the Hoosiers class of 2013.

Vance Bedford (DB Coach 1995-98, and in 2007): Now University of Louisville Defensive Coordinator. Coming off a BCS win, the Cardinals class is ranked anywhere from 42nd to 57th in the country. The class is slotted anywhere from first to fourth in the Big East. Here is a list of their commits.

Mike Hankwitz (tight end 1967-69): A senior on the 1969 team, Hankwitz is now the Defensive Coordinator for Northwestern. The Wildcats have assembled what is considered to be anywhere from the 46th to 52nd best class in the land, and are generally thought to be anywhere from 6th to 9th in the Big Ten. Here is Northwestern’s class.

Nick Sheridan (quarterback 2006-09): Now University of South Florida Quarterbacks Coach. USF is thought to have anywhere from the 50th to 63rd best class in the country, which puts them in the upper middle of the Big East. Here is signing day information for the Bulls.

Chuck Heater (running back 1971-74): Now Marshall University Defensive Coordinator. The Thundering Herd have anywhere from the 48th to 72nd ranked class. They are ranked either first or second in Conference USA. Here is Marshall’s class.

Scott Shafer (D Coordinator 2008): Now Head Coach, Syracuse University. Named Head Coach for the Orange on January 9, Shafer and staff put together a class that is considered between 70th and 80th in the nation. Moving to the 14 team ACC in 2013, Syracuse’s class is generally ranked in the bottom two or three of the conference. Here’s Shafer’s first recruiting class as Syracuse Head Coach.

Ron English (DB Coach and Def Coord 2003-07): Now Head Coach
Stan Parrish (Quarterbacks Coach 1996-99, Offensive Coordinator 2000-01): Now Offensive Coordinator;
Mike Hart (running back 2004-07): Now Running Backs Coach
All with Eastern Michigan University. The Eagles are thought to have anywhere from the 85th to 113th best class, and are thought to be about middle of the MAC. Here is the 2013 EMU class.

Roy Manning (Michigan linebacker 2000-04): Now Northern Illinois Running Backs Coach. They are thought to have anywhere from the 99th to the 121st ranked class. Two services have their class about middle of the MAC, while 247 ranks their class 12th in the 13 team MAC. Here is their 2013 recruiting class.

Bruce Tall (Defensive Line Coach 2008-10): Now UNC Charlotte Defensive Coordinator. The 49ers will begin play in 2013. Here is their recruiting class. Only 247 ranked the class, which was number 102 in the land according to the service.

Jay Hopson (Linebackers Coach 2008-09): Now Alcorn State University Head Coach. Here is the 2013 recruiting class for the Braves of the FCS..

Marcus Knight (wide receiver 1996-99): Now Northern Michigan University Wide Receivers Coach. The Division II Wildcats introduced their 2013 class.

Adam Braithwaite (Safeties Coach, 2010): Now UT Chattanooga Safeties Coach. The FCS division Mocs introduced their 2013 class.

Jim Lyall (defensive lineman 1970-73): Now Head Coach; and
Robert Thornbladh (fullback 2006): Now Outside Linebackers Coach
Both with NAIA Siena Heights Saints. Siena Heights announced a 53-member recruiting class.

Matt Dyson (linebacker 1990-94): Now Head Coach for George Mason University, a club team.

Brady Hoke Coaching Tree

Eddie Faulkner (Running Backs Coach for Hoke at Ball State 2005-08): Now North Carolina State Tight Ends Coach. The Wolfpack put together a class ranked anywhere from 46th to 60th, which places them in the bottom half of the ACC. Here is their 2013 class.

Rocky Long (Defensive Coordinator for Hoke at San Diego State, 2009-10): Now San Diego State Head Coach
Brian Sipe (Quarterbacks Coach for Hoke at San Diego State, 2009-10): Now San Diego State Quarterbacks Coach
Tony White (Cornerbacks Coach for Hoke at San Diego State, 2009-10): Now San Diego State Cornerbacks Coach; and
LeCharls McDaniel (Wide Receivers Coach for Hoke at San Diego State, 2009-10): Now San Diego State Wide Receivers Coach. The Aztecs have a class ranked anywhere from 65th to 76th, which places them second or third in the Mountain West Conference. Here is San Diego State’s press release for the 2013 class.

Don Treadwell (Hoke’s first Offensive Coordinator at Ball State in 2003): Now Miami University Redhawks Head Coach; and
Ed Stults (variety of coaching positions under Hoke from 2003-08 at Ball State): Now Miami University Redhawks Offensive Coordinator. Miami has a class ranked anywhere from 82nd to 104th. The class is ranked anywhere from 3rd to 9th in the MAC. Here is Miami’s class.

Trent Boykin (Brady Hoke’s Running Backs Coach at Ball State 2003-04): Now Akron University Running Backs Coach. The Zips have a class ranked anywhere from 105th to 117th in the land, which places them near the bottom of the MAC in terms of recruiting classes. Here is Akron’s 2013 class.

John Powers (OL Coach 2006-07; TE Coach 2008 for Brady Hoke at Ball State). Now Bethune-Cookman’s Offensive Line Coach. The FCS Wildcats 2013 class is listed here.

Sidney Powell (Secondary Coach 2006-08 for Hoke at Ball State): Now Tennessee Tech Secondary Coach. The FCS Golden Eagles have their 2013 class listed here.

Eric Lewis (Hoke’s Defensive Backs Coach at Ball State 2003-05): Now Weber State’s Cornerbacks Coach. Check out the 2013 recruiting class for the FCS Wildcats here.

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