Brady Hoke Through 37 Games

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The First 37

With the 24-21 loss to Iowa, Brady Hoke has now coached 37 games for Michigan, with a record of 26-11.

37 Games L Iowa

Arguments can be made all day that Brady Hoke should win more (or should win less) but hasn’t because of strength of schedule, talent inherited on the roster, coaching of that talent, ability to recruit and develop young talent, coulda/woulda/shoulda had another win/loss if it weren’t for a crazy play or bounce of the ball, desire to wear a headset, and so forth. The bottom line is that the same arguments could be made for most if not all of the head coaches in Michigan history who have coached at least 37 games.

National Championship Comparison

Nat Champ 37 Games L Iowa


Avg Graph 37 Games L Iowa

Brady Hoke Wins in first 37 games: 26

  • Michigan Head Coach average is 26.8; Median is 28.5.
  • National Champ Head Coach average is 29.3; Median is 29.5.

The U of M data presented here were obtained in large part from the Bentley Library and its online information.

The information presented here for the national championship coaches was obtained from the football websites of the individual schools.

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