Wolverines of the Past in the Coaching World

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With the start of the 2013 football season fast approaching, a recap of a Where Are They Now in the coaching world is in order. Below is a list of former University of Michigan football players and coaches now coaching at the collegiate and professional levels. The links will take you to brief writeups of their careers at Michigan.

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Head Coach

1. Jim Harbaugh, San Francisco 49ers, NFL
2. Les Miles, LSU, FBS
3. Ron English, Eastern Michigan, FBS
4. Scot Shafer, Syracuse University, FBS
5. Jay Hopson, Alcorn State Braves, FCS
6. Jim Lyall, Siena Heights University, NAIA
7. Matt Dyson, George Mason University, Club Team

Special Teams Coordinator

1. Mike Mallory, Jacksonville Jaguars, NFL

Defensive Coordinator

1. Bill Sheridan, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, NFL
2. Mike Hankwitz, Northwestern, FBS
3. Chuck Heater, Marshall University, FBS
4. Doug Mallory, Indiana University, FBS
5. Vance Bedford, University of Louisville, FBS
6. Bruce Tall, University of North Carolina Charlotte, FCS
7. Adam Braithwaite, University of Tennessee Chattanooga, FCS

Defensive Line Coach

1. Mike Trgovac, Green Bay Packers, NFL
2. Mike Elston, Notre Dame, FBS
3. Jerry Montgomery, Oklahoma University, FBS
4. Steve Stripling, University of Tennessee, FBS

Linebackers Coach

1. Jim Herrmann, New York Giants, NFL
2. Roy Manning, University of MEEEECHEEEEGAN, FBS
3. Robert Thornbladh, Siena Heights University, NAIA

Secondary/DB/Safeties Coach

1. Teryl Austin, Baltimore Ravens, NFL
2. Curt Mallory, University of MEEEECHEEEEGAN, FBS
3. Tony Gibson, West Virginia University, FBS

Offensive Coordinator

1. Harold Goodwin, Arizona Cardinals, NFL
2. Scot Loeffler, Virginia Tech, FBS
3. Cam Cameron, LSU, FBS
4. Stan Parrish, Eastern Michigan, FBS
5. Calvin McGee, University of Arizona, FBS

Offensive Line Coach

1. Andy Moeller, Baltimore Ravens, NFL
2. Greg Frey, Indiana University, FBS

Quarterbacks Coach

1. Nick Sheridan, University of South Florida, FBS
2. Rod Smith, University of Arizona, FBS

Running Backs Coach

1. Tyrone Wheatley, Buffalo Bills, NFL
2. Jerald Ingram, New York Giants, NFL
3. Mike Hart, Eastern Michigan, FBS

Tight Ends Coach

1. Terry Malone, New Orleans Saints, NFL

Wide Receivers Coach

1. Erik Campbell, Montreal Alouettes, CFL
2. Tony Dews, University of Arizona, FBS
3. Marcus Knight, Northern Michigan University, Division II

Offensive Quality Control

1. Kurt Anderson, Buffalo Bills, NFL

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