M Men Now Coaching in College and NFL

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Updated October 2, 2016

Here is the list of former University of Michigan Wolverine football players and coaches now coaching at the collegiate and professional levels.

There are 52 former Wolverine players and coaches who are currently coaching, representing 33 different college football teams in addition to 7 NFL franchises.

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Head Coach

1. Jim Harbaugh, University of Michigan, I-A
2. Rich Rodriguez, University of Arizona, I-A
3. D.J. Durkin, University of Maryland, I-A
4. Jay Hopson, University of Southern Mississippi, I-A
5. Matt Dyson, George Mason University, Club Team

Special Teams Coordinator

1. Mike Mallory, Jacksonville Jaguars, NFL
2. John Baxter, University of Southern California, I-A
3. Dan Ferrigno, San Jose State University, I-A


Defensive Coordinator
1. Teryl Austin, Detroit Lions, NFL
2. Vance Bedford, University of Texas, I-A
3. Ron English, San Jose State University, I-A
4. Tony Gibson, West Virginia University, I-A
5. Mike Hankwitz, Northwestern University, I-A
6. Chuck Heater, Marshall University, I-A
7. Brady Hoke, University of Oregon, I-A
8. Scot Shafer, University of Maryland, I-A
9. Adam Braithwaite, University of Tennessee Chattanooga, I-AA

Defensive Line Coach
1. Mike Trgovac, Green Bay Packers, NFL
2. Jerry Montgomery, Defensive Front Assistant, Green Bay Packers, NFL
3. Steve Stripling, University of Tennessee, I-A
4. Bruce Tall, West Virginia University, I-A
5. Mark Smith, Florida Tech University, Division II

Linebackers Coach
1. Jim Herrmann, Indianapolis Colts, NFL
2. Bill Sheridan, Detroit Lions, NFL
3. Doug Mallory, Atlanta Falcons, NFL (Def Asst/Linebackers)
4. Larry Foote, Arizona Cardinals, NFL
5. Mike Elston, University of Notre Dame, I-A
6. Roy Manning, Washington State University, I-A

Secondary/DBs/Safeties Coach
1. Greg Jackson, Dallas Cowboys, NFL
2. Curt Mallory, University of Wyoming, I-A


Offensive Coordinator
1. Harold Goodwin, Arizona Cardinals, NFL
2. Mike DeBord, University of Tennessee, I-A
3. Scot Loeffler, Boston College, I-A
4. Terry Malone, Purdue University, I-A
5. Calvin McGee, University of Arizona, I-A
6. Doug Nussmeier, University of Florida, I-A
7. Al Borges, San Jose State University, I-A

Offensive Line Coach
1. Kurt Anderson, University of Arkansas, I-A
2. Greg Frey, Indiana University, I-A
3. Darrell Funk, Purdue University, I-A
4. Adam Stenavich, San Jose State University, I-A

Quarterbacks Coach
1. Rod Smith, University of Arizona, I-A

Running Backs Coach
1. Tyrone Wheatley, University of Michigan, I-A
2. Mike Hart, Syracuse University, I-A
3. Cato June, Howard University, I-AA

Wide Receivers Coach
1. Erik Campbell, University of Connecticut, I-A
2. Tony Dews, University of Arizona, I-A
3. Jeff Kastl, University of Texas at San Antonio, I-A
4. Kevin Koger, Eastern Kentucky University, I-AA
5. Marcus Knight, Northern Michigan University, Division II
6. Roy Roundtree, Limestone College, Division II
7. Derrick Alexander, Avila University, NAIA

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