Wolverines Coaching in NFL; Week 16, 2013 Preview

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Fergodsakes.com previews the NFL football games each weekend involving a University of Michigan football coaching connection. On the coaching staffs of various NFL teams are former Michigan players and assistant coaches. Their schedules this weekend are below.

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Games listed in chronological order within category. All games on Sunday unless otherwise noted.

Terry Malone (Offensive Line Coach 1997-2001; Offensive Coordinator 2002-2005): now Tight Ends Coach, New Orleans.
The Saints, 10-4, are at Carolina, 1:00pm ET, FOX.

Tyrone Wheatley (running back 1991-94): Senior with Team 115. Now Running Backs Coach, Buffalo Bills; and Kurt Anderson (offensive lineman 1997-2001): Senior with Team 122. Now Offensive Quality Control Coach, Buffalo Bills.
Buffalo, 5-9, hosts Miami, 1:00pm ET, CBS.

Bill Sheridan (OLB Coach 2002; D Line Coach 2003-04): now Tampa Bay Buccaneers Defensive Coordinator.
Tampa Bay, 4-10, is at St. Louis, 1:00pm ET, FOX.

Mike Mallory (linebacker 1981-85): Senior with Team 106. Now Special Teams Coordinator, Jacksonville.
The Jaguars, 4-10, host Tennessee, 1:00pm ET, CBS.

Harold Goodwin (offensive lineman 1992-94): now Offensive Coordinator, Arizona Cardinals
The Cardinals, 9-5, visit Seattle, 4:05pm ET, FOX

Jim Herrmann (linebacker 1979-82; coach 1988-2005, including Def Coord 1997-2005): now Linebackers Coach, New York Giants; and
Jerald Ingram (running back 1979-83): Senior with Team 104. Now Running Backs Coach, New York Giants
New York, 5-9, visits Detroit, 4:05pm ET, FOX.

Teryl Austin (DB Coach 1999-2002); and
Andy Moeller (linebacker 1982-86; Offensive Line Coach 2000-07):
Now with the Baltimore Ravens, Austin as the Secondary Coach; Moeller as the Offensive Line Coach.
The Ravens, 8-6, host New England, 4:25pm ET, CBS.

Mike Trgovac (defensive lineman 1977-80): Senior with Team 101. Now Green Bay Packers Defensive Line Coach
Green Bay, 7-6-1, hosts Pittsburgh, 4:25pm ET, CBS.

Monday December 23

Jim Harbaugh (quarterback 1982-86): Senior with Team 107. Now Head Coach of San Francisco 49ers.
San Francisco, 10-4, hosts St. Louis in the final game in Candlestick Park, 8:30pm ET, ESPN.

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